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Taking Childcare in Pleasanton to the Next Level

You want to provide your child the best care they deserve, and we want to make it happen for you. At Young Ivy Academy, every kid is entitled to a unique learning environment powered by educational, technological, and extracurricular programs. Our childcare in Pleasanton provides every parent with a reliable care solutions for their children, shaping their present and future in creative ways.

 What To Expect

We have expertise in caring for and educating children of all ages. Our experienced educators take their jobs with the utmost professionalism and give kids an enhanced learning environment to open up more and reach their full potential.

You can expect the following from our childcare near Dublin or in Pleasanton:

Educational Reinforcement

  • Common Core Mathematics

The primary focus is on core mathematics topics, such as numerical reasoning, analytical thinking, problem-solving, and various mathematical applications in real-world situations.

  • Common Core English

In these classes, essential topics are covered, including reading comprehension, writing skills, vocabulary development, and critical thinking.

  • Foreign Language

Our three-pronged language program gives children an opportunity to learn Hindi, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish. Understanding the fundamentals of these foreign languages will help expand their worldview. It’s excellent for parents looking for childcare near Livermore, Dublin, etc.

Extracurricular Enrichment

  • 3D Design & Printing

It’s part of our tech curriculum, developed to help children enhance their creativity by creating objects, such as a race car, edible pancake, etc.

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality

We provide children with the latest holographic technologies, such as Microsoft HoloLens and HTC Oculus, to experience the impossible.

  • Field Trips

It’s all about exploring nature, enjoying with friends, singing, dancing, and giving the mind an essential break.

 Logical Development

  • Maker

Children can learn the primary use of Raspberry Pi and create amazing things, including a music box, Minecraft Game Server, WiFi extender, Bluetooth speaker, etc. Parents looking for childcare in Dublin or nearby places can take this opportunity to give their children exposure to cool computer technology.

  • Programming

We live in the most technologically advanced times; thus, we leave no stone unturned and provide children with programming sessions. It’s where they can learn to code using Python, Scratch, etc., and program robots, & drones, build lego robots, etc.

Whether you are looking for childcare near San Ramos, Livermore, or in Pleasanton, Young Ivy Academy is always ready with the best educational, technological, and extracurricular programs for your children. Let them spread their wings and fly high to explore endless learning possibilities.

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