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After School Care 

Academic reinforcement.
Extracurricular enrichment.

The 3 Pillars: Homework, Academics, and Fun.

We're here to help your child finish their homework before heading home. Our teachers and TA's have the best experience and expertise, with many of them having worked for local Tri-Valley school districts. 

Additional reinforcement in Common Core English and Math helps kids retain their academic edge, or get up to speed. 

Once they're done, the world is their oyster. We offer a variety of language classes (Mandarin, Hindi, Spanish) plus fun, tech-focused classes. Or, if you prefer your kiddo to have fun outside, that's fine too! 


Unique Extracurriculars 

Besides Mandarin, Spanish, and Hindi, students can learn:

  • 3D Design & Printing

  • Programming

  • Lego Robotics

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality (using Microsoft HoloLens) 

  • Drone and Aerial Photography

  • Artificial Intelligence

    • ChatGPT, Bard, Bing (AI Chatbots & Queries)​

    • Adobe FireFly (Text-to-images with AI) 

    • (Text-to-images and 3D Animation)

    • Runway (Text-to-videos/images)

    • Stable Doodler (Sketch-to-images)

    • Durable (Prompts to build websites in seconds)

    • Nvidia Canvas (Turn simple brushstrokes into landscape images) 

Conveniently located.

We're next to a music studio, a dance studio, and a martial arts dojo—all within a few steps.

Raley's Supermarket, Subway Sandwiches, and Mountain Mike's Pizza are also right next door.

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You know what's best for your child.

Let us know if you'd like them to focus more on something in particular, and we'll adapt their schedule accordingly. 

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