Summer is here, and we're here to help. 

Socialize and learn in small pods with students in the Tri-Valley.

Teacher included! Starts at only $40/week

In-Person Childcare + Summer Camp

     • FREE access to Summer Camp

     • Academic support

     • Daily park & outdoor field trips

     • Social distancing practiced

     • Full adult supervision 

Choose this if you need childcare at our Pleasanton facility (even if only occasionally). Includes complimentary access to our Summer Camp, along with supervision from highly qualified and vaccinated staff. Pricing on registration form.

Extremely limited spots. 

Almost at capacity! We're implementing an enrollment cap for the safety of all students and staff. We've planned two field trips per week. While we're hopeful, we cannot guarantee that all field trips will occur as scheduled. However, we'll still have daily excursions to parks and outdoor areas. 

Full curriculum, details, and schedule in the registration form. 

Virtual Summer Camp 

    • Academic support

    • Make friends with local students

    • Low student-teacher ratio

    • Mini-group classes

    • LIVE classes (not pre-recorded)

Choose this if you're staying home all summer. Interactive lessons that align with your school district's curriculum. Pick from CC English, CC Math, Spanish, Hindi, Mandarin, 3D Printing, and Arts & Crafts—all at no extra cost. Pricing on registration form. Seats are quickly filling up! 

Our proprietary program designed to prepare kids for the future. 
- Common Core English & Math (TK-8th) 
- Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, or Spanish
- 3D Design & Printing
- Arts & Crafts

Full curriculum, details, and schedule in the registration form


StepUp™ English & Writing for 3rd to 8th Graders

A comprehensive program that fortifies the critical thinking and analytical skills needed to develop a masterful command of Language Arts. Classes are determined by grade and skill level to foster a sense of community. The curriculum is targeted to reinforce school-taught lessons, such as compare/contrast writing and persuasive essays, with individual feedback and edits provided by the instructor. 

Students learn Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, Syntax, Brainstorming, and Compelling Writing. 

$30 an hour a week
1 hour per class

Classes on Wednesday or Friday
Maximum of eight students per class

Coding (JavaScript, Scratch, Python)

Choose from JavaScript, Scratch, or Python. More details on the Registration Form. 

JavaScript: Learn syntax, program creation with variables, arrays, objects, and classes.                                         Create programs that complete operations. 

Scratch: Create interactive stories, games, and animations. Learn to think creatively, reason         

             systematically, and work collaboratively.

Python: Today's most in-demand language. Write code and develop logical thinking abilities. 

Taught by Ms. Ashley, Mr. James, Mr. John, and Ms. Stephanie. They hail from schools such as UCLA, UC Berkeley, and University of British Columbia. All of them study a mathematical discipline, such as computer science, engineering, or math. 

Full curriculum, schedule, and pricing on the registration form. 


Create and command your own Lego robots. Build and program your robot to understand commands, including simple instructions such as driving forward and backward. Robots can learn to sense and detect walls, measure distances, and much more. Students learn to create robots to solve problems, which breeds innovation and friendly competition. Ultimately, their programs can become elaborate enough to play mini-golf, drag race, chariot race, bulldoze, and catapult objects.

Great Value:

$240 per week from Monday to Friday 

5 days per week, at 2 full hours per day 

Full curriculum, schedule, and pricing on the registration form. 

Fine Arts & Music (Oil Painting, Graphite, Watercolor)

From Graphite and Watercolor Pencil Drawing to Oil Painting, students enrolled in one or more of these art classes will learn the fundamentals of art, color concepts, perspective, shading, and more. Have fun drawing or painting along with a live instructor, step by step, to create beautiful artwork. 

Ms. Amy Leung and Ms. Amy Liu 

$60 per class for a full 2 hours per class 

Ms. Gigi

$40 per class for a full 1.5 hours per class

Full curriculum, schedule, and details on the registration form. 


A Korean martial art known for its array of kicking techniques. Learn patterns, sparring, fundamentals, dallyon, and self defense under the tutelage of World Championship competitors. Each class builds strength—physically and mentally. Classes taught in the ITF traditional style.

Starting at only $50 per week. 

K to 12th grade 

M - F from 4:00 pm - 4:30 pm


Full curriculum, schedule, and details on the registration form. 


Taught by Chess Master Yakov, students learn strategies and tactics at all levels. Yakov has also published books on chess, and his students have won numerous tournaments. He is also a programmer by training, and has worked for HP and UPS. He has 20+ years of teaching experience.

At only $20 per week per class 

Tues - Thur

1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

3:30 pm - 4:30 pm


Details in the registration form. 


Taught by Ketevan (Ms. K), an award-winning classical piano professional with 40+ years of teaching experience. She has worked in a variety of multi-cultural environments like the English Royal School, and draws her pedagogical philosophy from both the Russian and American musical study systems.

At only $70 per week per hour. 

All levels

Mondays from 11am to 8pm


Details in the registration form. 

The Canopy Method™ - High School Subjects

Taught by CURRENT high school teachers. Choose from Algebra I and II, Geometry, Calculus, Biology, English Composition, and much more. Geared towards high school students and advanced middle school students looking to catch up, get ahead, or stay ahead. Each subject has different level variations, from fundamentals to AP. 

$40 per week per subject
Discounts for siblings and/or 5+ weeks enrollment

Experienced instructors from notable universities, many credentialed to teach and have worked in school disctricts in some capacity. 

Young Ivy is a Heritage School listed under the California Department of Education. Microschool does not replace your current school program. But it does provide the educational support your kid needs by using external accountability to keep them on track. Plus, it's a safe space to socialize—all in the company of good friends.


Teachers from Cornell, UPenn, UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis, Bard College, and Rensselaer Institute. We're a family-run facility serving Pleasanton, Dublin, San Ramon, and Livermore. Since 2007, we've cared for 1,500+ students and supported them in their educational endeavors.


Text or call us 24/7 at 925 548 0188

We make your life easier.

It doesn't matter if you're working or if you just need "me" time—we'll take care of your kids.

Rest assured knowing they're getting the best education and supervision from our experienced teachers and TAs. 


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A note from Tasha & Jim,

the wife-and-husband duo behind Young Ivy.

Raising three children (now adults!) ourselves taught us the detrimental effects of procrastination and the importance of getting things done. We know that some kids embrace school while others don't, and that this has a compounding effect on academic performance. 

No matter their aptitude, we want to help your child do the best they can, by not only instilling a good work ethic, but by having fun along the way as well. 

We're happy you're interested, and can't wait to hear how your child loves it here.